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I purchased a template from TemplateSOLD.com and installed it as directed by the instructions. However, when the installation was complete the template was completely off. The javascript slideshow would not rotate the photos, it simply listed them in an awkward list. It showed the images incorrect sizes and none of the margins on the CSS file lined up. The display template on their website was 100% different than the one purchased. When I requested that they look at it, they told me to consult my web designer. When I gave them step-by-step directions of how I installed it they shrugged me off and told me again to go to my web designer. This template has improper coding, and I can prove it.

This is the clean install, no additional coding. It's ridiculous. http://www.artesianspas.com/hottubblog/

I had to change the Style Sheet:

Line 51: #nav1 ul margin:0; padding:155px 0 0 0;

Line 52: #nav1 ul.sf-menu li position:relative; float:left; line-height:90px; padding:100 1px 0 0; text-align:left;

Line 77: #columns margin:0 auto; padding:25px 0 0 0; width:970px;

Line 215: #slider width:970px; padding:0; margin:0px auto 9px; background:url(images/slider_bg.png) bottom center no-repeat; height:300px

The blog didn't even post blogs! It only posted excerpts! To fix this, I had changed to Single Post file:

Line 34:

Line 35:

The images on the template were not sized properly, I had to change the Slide_Block file to show a single image with proper size:

Line 5:

Monetary Loss: $30.

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:( :(

Dont purchase anything from them!!

Templates are fake!!! no money refunds and no support!!


They may be associated with templateaccess and bluehost.com

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